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Express rapid shipping

This type of freight is suitable for small shipments, baggage, small parcels, papers and samples of goods that need to arrive quickly at their destination.

Land Shipping

By virtue of Turkey's location between the continents of Europe and Asia, land freight is the most popular from Turkey to Europe and Russia. Its cost is good compared to sea freight, but it is faster and easier.

marine Shipping

Less fast, less costly, and more widely used, especially with furniture, building materials, large machinery, and bulky items that are difficult to ship by air

aerial Shipping

One of the fastest and safest types of shipping for shipping fragile materials, clothes, etc. When speed is required, it is your best choice.


About the company

Reliable shipping company

Our company, since its establishment in Turkey in 2018, continues to provide the best shipping services from Turkey to all countries of the world
The company's standards have been set to be the guarantor for you and your trade from Türkiye
And follow a standard policy to ensure that the shipment reaches you
We are distinguished by our long experience in Türkiye from professional packaging to ensure the arrival of shipments
Permanent follow-up and support for the customer
Integrated logistics services of customs clearance and others.


Our services

They are completely confident in our shipping services


Packaging service

We have a specialized team that packs and prepares shipments in a safe and secure manner so that they arrive without any damage


Delivery to the required address

We work in a professional manner to ensure that shipments, accompanied by us, arrive at the door of the customer's home or warehouse safely


Excess baggage charge

Through this service, there is no longer any need to worry about excessive loads during your travels. Buy what you want without worrying about excess weight


Furniture shipping service

We ship all kinds of furniture from Turkey to all parts of the world at distinct and thoughtful prices and in a way that guarantees the necessary insurance for the arrival of the furniture


Commercial apparel shipping

We put in your hands the service of shipping clothes of all kinds and diversity from Turkey to all countries of the world, under the supervision of an elaborate and specialized team.


Shipping of household items

As we seek to gain customer satisfaction and achieve comfort, we have worked to secure shipping of household appliances of all kinds and shapes to all countries

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    Customer Reviews

    One of the safest and most reliable shipping companies. It was a pleasure to deal with you

    Mr Ahmed

    Great services in the field of shipping clothes, characterized by speed and safety


    Distinctive services for shipping furniture and a great guarantee that it will be delivered without any damage



    What do we offer you?

    Our primary goals

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    Our expertise and services

    Fast shipping


    sea freight


    Land shipping

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    Company statistics

    Logistics and transportation company

    246 +

    Moving furniture

    500 +

    Shipment receipt

    550 +

    Receipt of shipments

    700 +

    Express shipping


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