Business strategy

We follow orderly steps to deliver shipments

Express delivery

We always work to ensure that delivery takes place as quickly as possible in order to achieve customer satisfaction

Choose the shipping method

We always choose the best, safest and most secure means of delivering shipments

shipping request

Follow up on shipment requests continuously and be present around the clock with the customer


Our services

We work to provide our services with high quality and experience

Packaging service

We have a specialized team that packs and prepares shipments in a safe and secure manner so that they arrive without damage

Delivery to the required address

We work in a professional manner to ensure that shipments, accompanied by us, arrive at the door of the customer's home or warehouse safely

Excess baggage charge

Through this service, you no longer need to worry about overloading during your travels. Buy what you want and we ship it

Furniture shipping service

We ship all kinds of furniture from Turkey to all parts of the world at distinct and thoughtful prices and in a way that guarantees the necessary insurance for the arrival of the furniture

Variety of shipping methods

We offer a variety of shipping methods that suit all goods at prices that suit everyone, in addition to guarantee and safety

Shipping various goods

Our work is not limited to shipping furniture only, but includes all types of goods such as documents, clothes, etc., of various sizes and weights.


Our business strategy

Learn about the most important rules followed in our work

Help and support

Our team is with you at all times To help and answer inquiries and questions

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